Concept 4 is a visual development studio creating high-quality art and concept assets for game and film industries. Established in 2011, the studio's core management and artistic teams are built around Virtuos, Massive Black, CCP, and Activision veterans. Over the years, we have provided stunning visuals and unique designs on dozens of projects for developers around the globe. Our primary services include:


Concept Art


IP Development



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Concept Art

The Origin

Solid groundwork in concept art makes up the basis
of our foundation. We start with simple building blocks
and everything else is derivative.


The Final Touch

Ready to take it to the next phase?
These illustrations were designed to connect
with viewers on a more fundamental level.


Isn't it awesome?


Wacom Nibs Replaced

Projects Completed

Late-night Takeouts


Forward CV & portfolio to RECRUIT@CONCEPT4.ORG


You are creative, driven, and sometimes ingenious. We have very high standards when it comes to concept art. Are you up to the challenge?


You are efficient, punctual, and micromanages well. We are looking for team players that know how to lead and motivate.



You are a detail-oriented individual with a solid understanding of industry related software (i.e., 3DMAX, ZBRUSH etc.).


Miscellaneous positions are available. CONCEPT 4 is a fast-growing company and there will be new opportunities for motivated individuals.


Quality you expect, at highly competitive rates.

qualityHere at CONCEPT 4, we take our work very seriously. Each draft and the iterations thereafter are supervised and processed professionally. The end result? Stunning visuals that satisfy your every requirement. This is the C4 guarantee, from us to you.

Our work ethic is second to none. Just like clockwork, we pace ourselves to deliver assets on time and in good standing. Experienced project managers and disciplined artists work in conjunction to bring you the best service this industry has to offer. Count on us to get the job done; we strive to exceed expectations.

Our best works have always been based on your needs & requirements. In the process of reiteration, we believe that the re-imagining of assets should be as flexible as needed. Simply put: we are not satisfied until you are.

Competitive Rates

As an up-and-coming art house we offer top-notch quality at highly competitive rates. Our work is on par with that of well-known studios; providing clients with great value is the underlying basis of our reputation. Please contact us for additional information.

Streamlined Workflow

Our workflow is based on tried-and-true processes. Designed to utilize bandwidth efficiently, it allows us to circumvent the common pitfalls of miscommunication and meet deadlines in a timely fashion.

Proven Results

A picture is worth a thousand words. Certainly, we will let our work speak for itself. Browse our gallery to see the meticulous care that goes into each piece.

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Xuhui, Shanghai